Believers of the Flying Squirrel

Music Review Telekinetic Walrus

Review by Carrie Barroll

Local planetary heroes (and by local I mean Miami) Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions have released a 6 song EP titled Believers of the Flying Squirrel. The EP is a story of the Telekinetic Walrus, a glitch infused animal spawned from the seed of hip-hop and Miami Bass and his partner in fighting off the darkness – The Flying Squirrel.

The epic story begins with a scene painted with lyrics from TimeZooKeeper AKA Jake Fletcher. Once the stage has been set and the mission been established a church bell rings (literally) and we are invited to Freak in the Moment by producer Y Diz AKA Wyatt Meagher (the mastermind behind Telekinetic Walrus) and lyricist Corinne Stevie. Stevie’s vocals are prevalent throughout the EP and her rhymes have a positive essence that are reminiscent of a raw MC Lyte.

No music from Telekinetic Walrus would complete without some whomp and Earth, the third track off of the EP, is an anthem for our mother and a warning to all that if the Pride of Ions is not respected that many ears may be boxed. This whomptastic track features Komakozie AKA Michael Rodney and Afrobeta (Cuci Amador and Smurphio AKA Tony Lorenzo).  Afrobeta and Komakozie are a nice addition to the band of local planetary heroes creating a kaleidoscope in the mind with its upbeat why-not-be-happy-all-of-the-time kind of feeling. The lyrics are tight and the contrast in voices is well-played.

The first analogy that comes to mind on the fourth song of Believers of the Flying Squirrel is that if Bollywood ever got low, Infinite Receipt would lead in the revolution.  It tells a jittery story of possibilities with glitchy-two step in the place of Indian music.  Komakozie has authority to his voice and his command of lyrics adds a sophisticated energy to this track.  At the end Y Diz and Time Zoo Keeper join him in a P-Funk-esque chorus that goes “On and On…”.

After a brief pause in the land of the falsetto for Thin Air, we find Fancy. Anyone that has ever taken a walk down Ocean Drive has had some element of this song playing in the background of their minds. This last track on the EP is rich in textures and tones and bounces back and forth between chaos and elegant simplicity. Miami guitar legend Buffalo Brown and saxophonist Fawn 5000 (Cito Vivas) make an appearance adding an element of a miniature Ween and the jazzier side of 90’s hip-hop.

Are you a believer? Do you know what to believe in? For all of you out there looking for something to believe in may I suggest The Flying Squirrel? “The Flying Squirrel has the ability to teleport himself and others, communicate telepathically, and smell things from across the universe.” His story is one of hope, determination and loyalty to your peeps and he is guaranteed to take you on a musical journey throughout time and space.

Experience Believers of the Flying Squirrel fromTelekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions here.

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